Friday, October 19, 2012

Vendor Spotlight - J K M Soy Candles


Your Name?

 Jenny Rostkowski

Your business name?

 JKM Soy Candles

Your Website/Etsy shop/somewhere people can find your products?

Tell us about your products/business.  

I make hand-poured 100% soybean wax candles in a wide variety of scents, but we have become mostly known for some of our unique fun scents including Froot Loops, Dirt, Monkey Farts, & Elf Sweat.  We also do hand-dipped incense, odor eliminating room spray, soy tarts, and mason jar soap dispensers.

What is your favorite handmade item?

 My Hot Baked Apple Pie candle.

What do you enjoy outside of crafting? 

Spending time with my kids.

One random fact about yourself. 

I'd love to own my own "made in Michigan" themed store one day.

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