Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vendor Spotlight - ciofani yogadala

ciofani yogadala


Your Name?

 Heidi Pratt

Your business name?

ciofani yogadala

Your Website/Etsy shop/somewhere people can find your products?


Tell us about your products/business.

I create functional and decorative pieces in clay. I build the pieces using coiling and pinching techniques, and occasionally I work with a potter's wheel. I enjoy hand building as it is most effective for me to achieve the organic forms I seek, the process is slow by comparison to throwing and I find it more meditative. I find a direct correlation to the process of working in clay and practicing yoga. Form is the focus and often I am considering a specific posture as I work the lines of the piece. I have also incorporated my yoga meditations into drawings which I call, yogadalas. They are mandalas that incorporate a figure in a yoga pose in the drawing and are my expressions the energy of the yoga asana featured.

What is your favorite handmade item?

 I value handmade items of all kinds: soap, crochet, drawings, printmaking...the joy of another person's expression manifest in an object. I love the furniture pieces my dad has built for me and my husband, especially the record shelf unit.

What do you enjoy outside of crafting?

more crafting! crochet, yoga, reading, eating, and being cozy with the 3 cats in our house.

One random fact about yourself.     i have to make the bed before i can sleep in it, i can't sleep with rumpled covers.

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