Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vendor Spotlight - Hip To Piece Squares



Sarah Minshall


Hip To Piece Squares



My first love was quilting, so when I started Hip To Piece Squares in 2005, I found myself torn.  Did I want to make bags, or did I only want to make quilts?  I figured out pretty quickly that I could still do both and have my work stand out because of it.  Nowadays, not everything I make is quilted, but the techniques and skills that are important to quilting are still incorporated into my work.  In fact, everything I sew gets finished off with a little hand stitching.

Favorite Handmade Item: 

My husband, Ben is a woodworker, and last year he built me a really intricate sewing table to set my machine on.  It's so pretty, and I love working at it.  He even incorporated cherry inlays to make the top look reminiscent of a quilt top.
Enjoy outside of crafting:  

I like to knit, quilt and go fabric shopping (yes, I know this is still crafting), read good books, and take my 125 pound chocolate lab, Hudson for long walks.

Random Fact:  

I have a rubber duck collection.

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